Saturday, 19 March 2011

Political Massaging in Ivory Coast

The Editor,
Was it a political Massaging or the West African bloc is speaking
straight from the heart? The recent suspension of Ivory coast from the
ECOWAS regional bloc sent a strong message across the borders that
political landscape had changed for the better and it had come to stay
forever. However, the leaders, too need to be very careful because
their pronouncement should not be influenced by UN. For example, since
the conduct of the election,the regional bloc had not given out their
own assessment reports why they think Mr. Quattara wins off front
besides reports from the UN only. Why ECOWAS thinks that those who
voted in Ouattara's controlled areas did it without fear. The red flag
now is Ouattara had appointed a former rebel, Guillaum Soro as Prime
Minister. Does that sound familiar or rings bell? Similar thing
happens in Liberia when Taylor wins, it was the same International
community that says, Liberians voted in fear that why Taylor won.
While it's truth that we had chosen election not war, democracy over
old orders, we should not act like cowards or give an emotional
response to our people. Ask Uncle Sam whether isolation really works?
anyway, CUBA still going strong after every administration in America.
If we really love our people, we should not sell them to devil,
Menker Casey
Worcester, MA.