Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Air France, one of the world’s largest carriers resumes flight today
at the Roberts International airport.

The decision of the airline to resume flight is based on the stable
business environment in the country, coupled with an excellent and
friendly aviation industry.
Air France, which started operations in 1937 flew its first flight in
1947 and is known for its excellent customer service delivery.
Last month, the Regional Director for Air France, Mr. Jack  B.  Urlus
told a news conference at the Kenedja hotel that the airline was ready
to start full operation.

“We are very pleased to start our operations once again in Liberia. We
are now coming with a brand new aircraft for Air France-320 which will
offer 208 seats in the Liberian market,” he told journalists at the

In recent times, there have been other international flights flying in
Liberia airspace.
The coming of Air France has added more impetus to the aviation industry.
When some reporters visited the-Roberts International Airport (RIA) on
Tuesday, renovation work was taking place in readiness for the flight

“As you know, Air France is a world class airline and their coming
here along with Delta and  other airline means a lot of work for us.
We are working on the new terminal  which will allow the airline and
other airlines to use,” a senior official  a the RIA said.

He added, “I think the coming of Air France is a good news for this
country. Not only for Liberians, but for many people around the world
who would want to do business here. So, when they start tomorrow, we
will love it and will help passengers. This will also make a good
competition. When you have competition, the  passengers benefit the
official who declined to be name said.”

“We will hopefully be like to welcome onboard the first flight on
April  20, 2011,” Mr. Urlus told reporters  during his first press
conference last month.