Monday, 4 April 2011

LFA And I.E Mourn Falling Colleague

The Liberia Football Association has been hit again with the death of its deputy secretary-general for administration.

Abayomie Caulcrick died at the weekend in Monrovia, having reportedly suffered from stroke.

There has been no news from the family or the LFA about the exact cause of death but he was bedridden for more than one month up to his death.

Prior to his new job at the FA, Abayomie served as executive committee member during the regime of Izetta Wesley before he and others were unconstitutionally removed for their critical stance against Izetta.

His huge support for Musa Bility during the FA elections was rewarded with that appointment.

Before going back to the FA, Abayomie served as Assistant Youth & Sports Minister for youth services.

He was a member of the 2010 graduate class of the Ibrahim Babaginda School of International Relations at the University of Liberia.
Meanwhile, Invincible Eleven Majestic Sports Association are mourning the death of Francois Junius, who passed away on April 1.

Francois was elected as vice president for administration in April 2010 as part of the elections that brought Richard Tolbert on board as president.

He was part of a die-hard group of IE fans, known Concerned Few, that overemphasized the need for the club to have a democratic election since 1997 following several ‘behind the house moves’ that brought different leadership on board.