Friday, 1 April 2011


Nat Bayjay,

Monrovia - 

The axe finally fell on Auditor General John S. Morlu II on Friday when President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf announced that she will not be re-nominating the man whose involvement in a latest email scandal most likely shifted his re-nomination debate. “Fellow Liberians, whatever our differences and opinions, whatever our motives and objectives, the Office of the President demands a certain amount of respect and I can do no less than assure that this is the case. Additionally, as the fight against corruption will continue to demand a hefty amount of our time, our energies, our thoughts and our resources, we can ill-afford needless distractions and controversies. Therefore, I will not be re-nominating him for the post of Auditor-General of the Republic of Liberia”, President Sirleaf had said.   

At a FrontPageAfrica community forum held in Clara Town 24 hours after the pronouncement, Liberians voiced out their mixed reactions over the President’s decision.
Also inclusive is the extension of the debate on the social network FaceBook where Liberians at home and abroad exchanged views on the President’s decision.

A.Rahim Kamara,fe resident of Clara Town and student of the United Methodist University (UMU): “Actually, to hear that Morlu lost the job is shocking to me. He has helped to open up the [Liberian] society because he has been exposing corruption. My fear is that the next person to take over might not have the jest and sincerity to continue the fight. But if our next Auditor-General will be like John Morlu, then there will be no problem.  For the email, I think he needed to be a bit moderate in addressing the Madame [President Sirleaf] but I will say that I actually admire him. To say that the government is three times more corrupt even before he took the job was proven in his audits which prove that this government is indeed corrupt. So, he was never wrong for making such a statement. If that was the basis for which the President refused to re-nominate him and she has been holding it against him, I think it was not a reason for Morlu to lose his job.”
  Abraham A. Dorley, feresident of Clara Town and Chairman of the National Polit Bureau of Liberia: “Firstly, one needs to understand that the position of an auditor general in Liberia lies squarely within the power of the President. That person serves at the will and pleasure of the President. If the President does not see it fitting, she has the power to dismiss the auditor general. We do agree that this AG, John Morlu, did a lot of works that indeed exposed and showed some loopholes within government circle. But the AG also did some work that are incomplete. According to professional standard, whenever one drafts an audit report, after three months one must be in that same position to give the final report. Up to now, there are some many audit reports that are drafted and the final reports are ones have not come up now. We are also convinced that there are other qualified auditors like Theo T. Joseph around here who can continue the job. On the email, I think the Presidency requires some decency and Morlu went too far on this.”

Civicus Barsigeah, da resident of ELWA and student of the UL’s International Relations Masters’ Program and a political youth advocate: “I think it is unfortunate when the President will say corruption is her ‘worst’ enemy but refuses to reappoint Morlu. I think that it is another way to rob the country’s resources for the use of her second term bid. The EU and America should talk now.”

Mohammed M. Sonii, resident of Clara Town and student of the University of Liberia (UL): “Since the formation of this nation, this is the dfirst time that we can refer to someone as an auditor general. On January 6, 2006 she [President Sirleaf] assured the Liberians that corruption would be the public number one. This is a man since Madame Sirleaf took office that has been trying to ensure that indeed those who are corrupt are exposed to the society. Morlu has done extremely well for the fact that he has exposed lot of people have been placed on list like [Laurence] Bropleh and his brother Albert Bropleh and the rest of other people. He has shown that those in government who intent embezzling public funds can be put on the alert. So the issue of Madame President not re-nominating him makes us afraid. This is a man who has not taken any side when it comes to fighting corruption. We are not saying that no one should come to replace him but at least for now, let him be allowed to continue his job. On the issue of the email, I don’t see an insult. Analysts have been underlying the words ‘darn’ and ‘damn’ and they are saying that Morlu is saying that the Madame can have your suitable job and he will still survive for the next 20 years.


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