Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Liberians Take On President’s Visit To Bassa

Hamilton B. Smith FPA STAFF WRITER


George Weah
 “The President’s visit to Grand Bassa County did not make the citizens happy because her visit in Grand Bassa County reflects the rate of poverty our people presently live in. When we talk about poverty, it means our people are still suffering and there is no achievement for our people.”
 A. Tokpah Tobey
“Ah, anyway, the president’s visit to Grand Bassa was very fine and we enjoyed the atmosphere looking at past presidents coming to Grand Bassa and her coming was okay because she touched on so many things pertaining to the youth and also on development. And you see when we have a president of this nation like that who will come down to the people, and going on a national-wide tour to inspect whatsoever project that was given to the county for development and try to inspect it, it will be okay.”

S. Augustine Yeahgar
“Well, every president that comes to office has a mixed routine visit and I think if that is what she’s doing, then it is in place.”

Edith H. Flomo
“Well, I feel so fine and happy because her coming here is very peaceful and we as the women of Buchanan, Grand Bassa County are very happy about her. We welcome her here.” 
Tarr Gbadeh Sayweh
“I for one as a citizen of this county, I feel very happy for the warm welcome of the president. We appreciate her so much because she has done so much for our county and the level of development that we are experiencing every day. I mean, I was happy to have received her.”
Enoch Henries
“The visit of the president to Grand Bassa County is not bad. Its fine to Bassa, but the only problem that I have is that whenever she is coming that is when people do what they are supposed to do in the county. For example: the current facility in the county for the past time, there has been no electricity, we have been in darkness. But because she was coming we have had electricity for the past two nights. Even our roads and things have been bushy, but because people heard that she was coming that’s why they started to do their work and it is almost like an ad-servant work.”

Mary Freeman
I feel fine, I enjoyed everything. Everything is fine here. I feel happy for her coming here.”
Prince Joe
“Yes, for me I feel very fine for her coming here, but what makes me to feel bad is the behavior of the county officials. Whenever the president is coming that is the only time they light up the city. It’s not necessary. So what I want her to do is to come down hard on the county officials, most especially the City Mayor and the development superintendent, because they are not working. I really want for her to come down hard on them. For us we don’t know what they are really doing in this county. They are not doing anything to satisfy us, that’s my opinion.” 
Martha Jimmy
“Oh, I happy for being in Buchanan. She is a president for women. I am so happy and also happy that she going back. I’m happy, what she did make me happy; for our roads from Monrovia to Buchanan and the college.” 
Glorious Jakpah
“Yes, the president is our mama. I’m happy for her to come, but the only thing that makes me vex is the people that taking care of us in this county. They are not fair to us, why should they see the oldma coming before they give us electricity, before they start cleaning the city; which means a mother leaving her children with somebody, trusting them to feed the children, leaving food and everything. But when she turns her back they give the children farina and when she’s coming back they cook good food for the children. So that is the only thing that makes me vex inside, but I always want for our mother to visit us every day.”