Tuesday, 12 April 2011

‘Sa Lone’ At 50

The Sierra Leonean Embassy Begins Celebration of country’s 50th Independence Anniversary

Macaulay Sombai,macaulay.sombai@frontpageafricaonline.com

Sierra Leoneans from all over Liberia will join their compatriots at home and around the world in celebration of their country’s 50th independence anniversary in Monrovia over the week end.
The Rev. Dr. Marie Jilo Barnett J.P. is the Sierra Leonean Ambassador accredited near Monrovia, she told Front Page Africa that she felt very proud to be a Sierra Leonean and that she was very proud to celebrate her country’s 50th independence anniversary with her fellow Sierra Leoneans in Liberia.
“I will like to send to all Sierra Leoneans, wherever they may be, particularly those who are in Liberia, that we should join hands together in peace and reconciliation to promote freedom, justice and peace for all, particularly as our court of arm says “freedom, sanity and justice for all”, the Ambassador jubilantly said.
She said Sierra Leoneans in Liberia, from the refugee camps to the resettled Sierra Leoneans, from ex-refugees to the business community and UNMIL staff, are all together as one.
Rev. Dr. Barnett called on her government to promote peace and unity among all Sierra Leoneans and to help rebuild a new nation so that the country can progress in prosperity, unity and justice for all Sierra Leoneans.
The Ambassador described the current relationship between her government and the Liberian government as “very strong”. She said the two presidents are working together on a cooperative agenda for the promotion of peace, prosperity and a cordial relationship for all of their citizens.
“On April 15 there will be an agricultural show in Gbarnga City, Bong County, between USAID, Cuttington University and other NGOs alongside the Sierra Leonean embassy. We are going to put up one of Sierra Leone best practices, agriculture for peace and sustainable development, then on 22nd April there will be a film show about the slave ship that was seized from Sierra Leone. The movie will be shown on the campus of the University of Liberia on Capitol Hill” the Ambassador said.
Amb. Barnett says on the April 23rd, there will be a benefit dinner and dance, to benefit the Angie Books International Center, which is going to be a collaborated effort between the Sierra Leonean embassy and the Angie Brooks Foundation in Liberia.
On the Independence Day which is April 27th, there will be a diplomatic reception/dinner at the Monrovia City Hall.
On Friday, 29th April, there will be prayer in one of the Mosques in Monrovia, where all Sierra Leoneans in Liberia will meet their Liberian counterparts to offer prayers for both Countries.

On Saturday, 30th April, there will be an outing, hosted by Sierra Leoneans working with the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL), while a thanksgiving service will be held on Sunday, 1st May at the St. Peter Lutheran Church on 14th Street, Sinkor, to close the entire celebrations.