Monday, 18 April 2011

Why Alex Jenekai Tyler Should Not Be Re-Elected To Represent The Neglected Klay District

Abraham Duwhan Varney, duwhan80f@Yahoo.Com, Contributing Writer

Klay District is the First District in Bomi County, the Western part of Liberia. In most cases people find pleasure in traveling to the western part of the world for the level of development showcase there, but in the case of Bomi especially Klay District, people find pleasure in traveling to Monrovia because of neglect. Historically, Klay District played a pivotal role in the realization of the County status with the contribution eminence sons and daughters. With all these qualities and historical analysis, the District remains the most vulnerable, devastated, and neglected District ever in the History of the County, Liberia at-large even though her Representative is the Speaker of the Republic of Liberia, the third highest ranking officer according to the structure of government.
Economic activities in the county was rewarding in the revenue generation of the country during the 70s and 80s respectively, with the operation of concessionaires that contributed nothing to the loving people of the County. Most recently, another Concession agreement was signed with Sami Darby without the knowledge and participation of the people in the county that are ill represented in the Lower House of Parliament. For the other counties (Bong, Nimba and Grand Bassa) that have been well represented by their Law Makers, with the creation of proper educational, health and job facilities for their people, but for Bomi, that's incongruous.
Out nettlesome task is to discover how to organize out strength into compelling Representative Tyler so that he elude or can't demand, but we (the people of Klay District) must develop our strength and create a situation in which this corporate oriented individual will find it very wise and prudent to disembark from His ill representation of the people of the District and to collaborate with the District. We can never be satisfied as long as the people of Klay District continues to be ill represented and does not have a voice in the Lower House of parliament; Klay District believes that he (Tyler) has done nothing for which he is to even re-contest. There is no time to engage in the luxury of cooling off or to take the tranquilizing drug of gradualism. But it is now time to make real the promises of democracy by electing people who are masses oriented, as such I give you these few reasons:
Lack of vision
Speaker Tyler being fully aware of his county (Bomi) been considered as the poorest county in Liberia by a government in which he serve as one of the highest ranking officer and his people mostly poverty driven see it necessary not to contribute to the growth and development of his people, but consider them illiterate and people who deserve to continually live in abject poverty took a multi-million dollars property (House) to a place where he owe no answer (Margibi)and neglected the people who give him such power to increase his corporate strength. For the people of Klay District, that is ideally situated, they don't deserve such development. It is not a crime that he couldn't build any part of Liberia, but a moral responsible to the loving people of Bomi especially Klay District. Lack of oversight responsibility in making sure that the county Development Fund portion of our noble district is well used in the interest of our people. One thing we must understand is that our District don't depend on the pocket of our Representative for development, but his oversight responsibility in making sure that either the county development fund portion of our District is properly used in the interest of the people. Let me give you an idea of the CDF, the Government of Liberia allocated the amount of US$3,000.000.00 for the 15 Counties to be divided equally to support the PRS, if you do your mathematics, each county should have UD$200,000.00 as their potion. If you do your mathematics again for the three Districts in Bomi County, it means that in every year budget, each District in Bomi is to get US$66,666.67 per District, if you multiply this by the 6 years this government has been in power, each District in Bomi was to received US$400,000 each. With this amount, if our Representative was sincere and true child as he claimed from Bomi and exercised proper oversight responsibility, by now the President was never to continuously postpone her visit to the County, but in joyous mood dedicating so many projects in the County. All he considered is his personnel interest, he need to be punished at the various polling centers, don't elect people of such character. Again, being our direct Representative, and looking at his present status, his influence to other partners can also contribute to the improvement of the lives of the poverty suffering people of the beloved District.
It will surprise you to understand that Klay District an area claimed to have been represented by Representative Tyler who claims as others previously did “I am from Bomi” operates businesses such as Gas Station, Cool Storage (Fisheries) etc, have done nothing to open any of such in the district, all in Montserrado, and Margibi, even at that, the Speaker operates close to a million dollar budget with the news of being the least county and being a patriotic citizen who actually hail from Bomi and love his people, he should have initiated projects as an influential person who claim to come from Bomi to contribute to poverty striking masses in the District (Bomi). Ironically, I travel to the Speaker village; the current elementary school don't even represent his village, no contribution to the youths of his own village but always accused them that they don't love him. I challenge him to take you on a tour to prove me wrong, even the guest house where I sleep on a tarpaulin, is the same, dilapidated, poorly constructed and unfurnished, if patriotism was the hall mark of event, Monnon (his village), would have been a major competitor in the District.
Corporate interest
For the poverty striking people of Bomi, they saw him as an alternative, but that is a paradox. It will interest you to know that our Speaker is a close partner of Total Liberia, but ironically, Klay which should have being a part of such development was left in the cold and all taken in Montserrado, Bushrod Island where he has his interest in place of the strategically located town of Klay which is the administrative seat of the District. Again, Representative Tyler and his Corporate partners (Devine)down play the poor people of Bomi and decided to engage in illicit mining of a lucrative rock at the back of Tubmanburg for their own Corporate interest, thus denying the people of Bomi their right. Tyler brought in an engineer from Ghana who was paid above US$1,000.00 as an engineer and US$10.00 per day for the few casual laborers they took without the knowledge and consent of the people of Bomi. This a clear manifestation that Representative Tyler is not interested in contributing to the people of Bomi especially his District but his own (Self Interest Operation) SIO.
The emergency we now face is to support a determine and well prepared young man who will redeemed us from the hands of these corporate oriented individuals, it is desperate and worsening situation for the people of Klay (Bomi). For the over 45,000 people of Bomi, Klay as a major factor, there is a kind of strangulation in the hands of this fellow for us, we must fight with strength for our right. For the people of Klay District, it is an economical and social murder, psychologically to deprive us of our basic social and economic rights. We are in substance saying to our Representative that he has lost opportunity to represent us.
Few considered the fact that in addition to our enslavement for 6 years, the people of Klay District (Bomi) were during all these year robbed of their basic social services with the making of improper agreement and legislation ( if they ever existed)for the poverty striking people of this District. No amount of handout now can provide an adequate compensation for the exploitation and humiliation of the people of our District in Bomi all these years.
In conclusion, I think the greatest victory of the period is something internal. The real victory is what this period did to the psych of the people of the District. The greatness of these years is that we armed ourselves with dignity and self respect. The greatness of these years is that we have straightened our backs up that they will never ride on it again. Representative Tyler can't ride on our backs again, let kick him politically and make him a government bone. God bless Klay District and save Bomi County. “We must somehow believe that unearned suffering is redemptive”
About the Author
Abraham Duwhan Varney Was born in Guie Town, Bomi County, Western Liberia. He is married and is currently enrolled at the AME Zion University where he is reading Management as a major field of study and Public Administration as minor. He has worth of experience within the Local NGOs and INGOs circle and has attended series of seminars and trainings within and out of Liberia.