Wednesday, 4 May 2011



David B. Kolleh,, (231 631 0032)
he newly-crowned standard bearer of the Congress for Democratic Change, Ambassador Winston Tubman has slammed allegations suggesting that the exchange of monies preceded his anointment as head of the party once led by football legend George Weah.
Tubman described the reports as nonsense and said he would have never been part of such arrangement had money been a prerequisite to making him the new standard Bearer of the Party.
Said Tubman: “I don’t think I should even give this kind of street talk any form of credence. Ambassador Weah and I have everything it takes to make Liberia a better place for our people. We have a lot in common, that is why we have decided to come together in the interest of our beloved country. Therefore we will not waste precious time on these kinds of empty talks.”
At the CDC Convention in Kakata Margibi County during his oration, Ambassador Tubman specifically frowned on allegations of bribery that he said was becoming a new order in Liberia especially within government circles.
Tubman said: “Bribery and nepotism damage a nation and in our small country such evils cannot be hidden as they disgracefully drag Liberia down. This is no fitting foundation upon which a nation can be built upon.”    

Following the end of the National Convention of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) that named Cllr. Winston Tubman its new Standard Bearer, while officially relegating Ambassador Weah who led the Party to the 2005 General and Presidential elections, but lost to Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. In recent days speculations have heightened amid reports that money exchanged hands to seal the deal that has made Ambassador Tubman the new flag bearer of the CDC.
‘Elementary gossip’
There have been reports that the former UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador would not have allowed party officials with whom he is very popular, to give the mandate of the party, a party that is considered popular among the grass rooters of the Country to lead them to election in the absence of money influencing his decision.
Responding to the allegations, the Secretary General of the Party Mr. Acarous Gray told FrontPage Africa that the Party is not prepared to dignify such allegations, because according to him it is an “elementary gossip.”
For me, Gray said, “I think that the rumors are being circulated by the incumbent leadership, because they are afraid of the ticket, or let me say they are paranoid. This ticket brings both international and local support to the table, which no Presidential ticket has got in recent years. Because of this, they have elected to themselves to sell such falsehood.”
Gray claims that if the people are to question anyone on issues of bribery to influence political decision in Liberia, then the public must begin questioning the incumbent for doling out L$1 million to Mr. Emmanuel Lomax Chairman of the National Union for Democratic Progress (NUDP) as a means of buying him out of the political process.
‘Getting into street talk’
“They should be accounting for the one million they gave to Emmanuel Lomax, instead of getting into Street talk.” Gray told FrontPage Africa in an interview.
The growing argument over the exchange of monies to seal the deal between Ambassadors Weah and Tubman, according to Gray, is an empty propaganda from the current leadership that doesn’t require support.
At the Kakata convention which brought Cllr. Tubman on board the CDC as its new Standard Bearer, Tubman told partisans that the decision by his running-mate to embrace him in the CDC was a true mark of a patriotic leader.
The ambassador indicated that he was cognizant that every Liberian Politician, without exception would eventually envy their new ticket.
“In a joyous mood Cllr. Tubman said, at the convention: “They said Ambassador George Weah was too proud. They called me “Government Bone, they said it would never happen! But patience pays. That’s why the prize won today is one that has been sought by and is envy of every Liberian politician, without exception.” The Former envoy to Somalia had said at the Kakata convention.
Tubman claimed that the time was now, that those whom he said are responsible for dividing and bringing destruction on the Liberian people give way to them.
“Time heals,” the Liberian Diplomat said people can forget suffering; they can even forget their tormentors. But allowing those same tormentors to hold them down while hope fades as corruption climbs resembles suffocation out of which nothing good can come.” 
Ambassador Tubman had told convention delegates that he believes Weah’s decision was another enviable sacrifice in the Liberian body polity and a great history in his political sojourn, such history, the Lawyer said has never being made for more than six decades since 1944.  Ambassador Winston Tubman, the man who is now in charge of the grass rooters and those many say are the neglected class of the country’s population, had also said “Today, not for the first time, thinking not of himself but Liberia, Ambassador George Weah, said Yes when almost everyone predicted that he would say no. he didn’t have the to do it, but he did! By so doing, Weah fosters national unity and brings Liberians together more meaningfully than at any time since the national unification policy began in 1944.” Amb. Tubman said of Weah.
Tubman says he believes that Liberia’s transformation cannot be achieved unless Liberians are ready to emulate George Weah by sacrificing something they value, for the greater good of Liberia. ‘Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country!’ By responding to Kennedy’s immortal words today, George Weah and CDCians have started to fire what will transform Africa’s Republic.
Said Tubman: “Come and see what the Lord has done! Because George Weah has done well for Liberia again and because I believe that together we shall transform our country and lead it into true and lasting peace, development and national unity; it is now my honor, pleasure and patriotic duty to offer this globally loved Liberian icon, the Vice Presidential Candidacy of the CDC for the 2011 Presidential election” The former UN envoy to Somalia said.
For Ambassador Weah, who spoke to supporters in tears acknowledging the multiple problems the party is faced with in terms of leadership struggle, and why there are more than enough reasons why the party needed to embrace the coming of the Cllr. Winston Tubman said “We must all claim the responsibility for the direction of our party, and we must all sacrifice to make CDC victorious in 2011.”
Weah said his action of putting to the grave his personal ambitions; for the survival of the party by allowing Cllr. Tubman who is an experienced Politician, Diplomat and with similar vision as his, demonstrates his resolve to invoke the spirit of change in the Liberian body politics, adding: “this is a pure sacrifice I must make for all of you CDCians and Liberia.
This is not the first time that allegations have surfaced about money changing hands with Weah. It can be recalled that in the aftermath of the failed attempt at merger between Weah and Liberty Party’s Charles Brumskine, a text message from Israel Akinsanya to Weah obtained from FrontPageAfrica at the time suggested that Weah was indebted to the Liberty Party leader. Weah later denounced the report and suggestions that he was facing financial troubles.
With his party’s ticket now sealed, political observers say both Weah and Tubman are likely to face more barrages of assault amid a mystery of uncertainty over how the pair managed to hold their bond together after weeks of on-and-off discussions, a high price to pay for what is building up to be a fiercely contested road to the presidential elections.