Monday, 16 May 2011


The Editor,

An independent analysis of one of the foremost Newspapers, FrontPageAfrica
in its two recent lead articles on the performance of Lawmakers and the
questions: “What have they done for you lately”? and “Do they deserve your
vote”? require an in-depth and retrospective scrutiny of people we voted
into office and the aftermath results of their performances.

Not to go into the terrain of other Districts in responding to the questions
of the Newspaper, I have chosen to stick directly to where my strength and
interest lie. As legitimate citizen and voter of District number 4 of
Bahn-Garr in Nimba County, the analysis of FPA in my view was even more of a
blessing to the current Lawmaker, Rebecca Nohn Kidau, though her performance
worth a bit little from the account of the Newspaper.

According to FPA, the District number four Lawmaker is one of the few
females in the House that occasionally contributes to debates. Occasionally
in this framework and taking into account the generic view of the article,
it indirectly classified the Nimba Lawmaker as a “sitback” Lawmaker. This
analysis should further ring bell in the minds of voters who are still
confused over the underperformance of Madam Kidau for the past five years in
the House of Representatives. We have said this and continue to inform the
people of Bahn-Garr District out of prejudice and pretense that our dear
sister, mother, aunty has underperformed and her quest for re-election only
risk the already ceremonious vacancy the District has suffered for the past

We again mentioned earlier that the Nimba District number 4 Lawmaker serves
as a spectator in the parliament. Lawmaking is not only casting of vote but
a firm agenda that will protect your people’s interest. This agenda means
listening to your people and forwarding their ideas to the legislature
because everyone can be there at the same time.

FPA further states that Kidau is not noted for bill submission. It has been
overwhelmingly accepted in the District that the Madam desire for the
Legislative seat is built around jobs and does not have a well defined
legislative plan for the people of Bahn-Garr in Nimba County least to
mention bill submission.

Admittedly, Madam Kidau is among the finest females in the District and as
such, preference was given her in the 2005 elections with the hope that her
education and alleged contacts would have re-shifted the focus of the
District but her stay at the legislature raises more questions than the
required answers we needed.

I am of the conviction that the Lawmaker could serve better in other areas
in the County and perform very high than occupying the legislative seat
without result.

Her frequent absence from the parliament of late is no mistake to me because
she is under severe pressure to relinquish the District seat honorably or be
voted out in the next election.

Lastly, for the sake of clarity, the radio station built in the District is
no essence to the county because it is intended to blow her trumpet which is
not really working well for her.

The answer to “What has she done for us”? The answer is 20% of what the
District expected of the Lawmaker. The answer to “Does she deserve your
vote” is absolutely no, because 20% of any grading system is a poor mark.
Michael Kpayili"