Monday, 18 April 2011


Radio Monrovia Dishes Out Prizes just few weeks on the air

RADIO MONROVIA is back on the airwave on a test run with lots of goodies for her many listeners.
When you wake up in the morning the voice that brings you hope, enlightens your day and brightens your smile is the Radio Monrovia Morning show “THIS MORNING IN MONROVIA, THIS MORNING IN LIBERIA”, with the Duke of Monrovia along with his Side-Kick AIR TARON.
The program carried out April 14, 2011 Brain Storm Drill, there were many callers but the first lucky winner Madam Lulu Yei Shillington of Ashmun Street attempted all five questions, and walked away with a beautiful white Radio Monrovia face cap as the first prize since the program started.
Mr. Ulston Toh who lives in Barnersville was the Lucky winner of the show on Friday morning when he answered the ten questions and walked away with a Radio Monrovia cap and T-shirt.
The presentation was done by Radio Monrovia latest Star, the Duke of Monrovia at the office of Radio Monrovia 92.1 FM on Newport Street.
When Radio Monrovia officially opens the show “This morning in Monrovia /Liberia will be heard every Monday to Friday 6am to 10am, there  are more prizes to be won every day so keep calling Hotline 077 921921.