Friday, 1 April 2011


David B. Kolleh,, (231 631 0032)

Residents of the Township of Louisianan, District 13 Montserrado County, have accused the Deputy Minister of Lands Mines and energy, of “stalling” the process of a legally registered company that is seeking an operating license to conduct river-sand mining as well as operate a quarry in the Township.
The residents told FrontPageAfrica that the Deputy Minister of Planning and Research Carton Miller, whom they said hails from the township of carrying on in-house manipulations to prevent the company from carrying on operation for his personal interest.
In a complaint presented to Montserrado County Superintendent Grace Kpahn during her routine visit to the area on Tuesday, the residents said they are accusing Minister Miller because they believe he was trying to coerce them into signing what they call a ‘dubious’ memorandum of understanding (MOU) after they had crafted an initial copy of the document.
Speaking on behalf of the Residents, Mr. Moses K. White Township Clerk said Longda Business, a Chinese owned company, poised to begin river-sand mining on the St. Paul River as well as operate a quarry in the area, is already beginning to impact the lives of the ordinary people even before receiving their license to carry on the full scale operation.
“Madam Superintendent we have been here for decades now and no one has been able to come to our aid, seeing a company that is employing our youths, repairing our roads and bringing back life to this place that virtually became dead due to the war, we think such a company must be encouraged and must receive its license to operate.” Mr. White a youthful Clerk of the Township remarked.
He told the Montserrado County Superintendent that the road that links their Township with Bensonville was now accessible due to an intervention by the company following its entry into the area, adding “Hon. Superintendent you can now drive from here straight to Benson on a good road, but we don’t know why since this company applied for its license people like Carton Miller who comes from here will ignore the plights of the people for selfish reasons.”    
White further said that over 25 youths of the Township have been employed by the company and at least 200 more are expected to be employed if the company begins operation.
“Most of those you see here today madam Superintendent, are people who have either been cutting palm for survival or burning coal which is good, but with the coming of this company in this area over the last three months life here has changed. Our brothers are not only getting employment, but they are also getting training in making boats, a training that will remain with them all their lives, even if the company leaves.” White Continued.
For Mrs. Cornelia Roberts, a midwife at the Township’s only clinic, her hope of survival and life will disappear if the company is not given a license to operate. She told FPA that over the last three months since the company came in their area, signs of life have returned to them.
“We now have cars coming inside this our place. People from all over are coming here to look for jobs. People are selling and the place is coming alive. This is something we have not had for a very long time.” Mrs. White lamented.
For Mr. Johnny Lee one of the engineers of the Chinese company, his company is prepared to make boasts for the residents of Louisianan to transport their goods to markets, rehabilitate their roads, create employment and help give life back to the area.
Johnny said, all they are now waiting for is for the Liberian government to grant them their operating license.
The deputy Minister of Lands and mines could not be contacted because; his mobile phone remained switched off up to press time.