Thursday, 28 April 2011


Absentee Lawmakers Do not Deserve Pay, Rep Murray Must Stop Making Excuses
REPRESENTATIVE Kettehkumeh Murray, the unofficial designated spokesman for lawmakers who have failed to show up for work this week wants the people of Liberia to know that his peers were simply in their constituencies catering to their constituents and should therefore be forgiven.
THE TRUTH of the matter is lawmakers have from time to time abuse the trust and betrayed the confidence of the Liberian people by failing to show up for work and when they do show up, have failed to implement laws and tackle serious issues that affect the very constituents who elected them into office.
NOW IN A crucial re-election year, many are trying to shore up support and convince their constituents that they have in fact really been doing some marvelous work.
TODAY, MANY communities remain poor, sanitation continues continue to pose problems and scores of Liberians cannot even afford to purchase a bag of rice much less scrap up ingredients to eat along with the staple food.
JOBLESSNESS remains a problem and rarely do constituents see their lawmakers, who routinely pass them by in fancy jeeps and brand name cars.
NOW AFTER two weeks Easter vacation, they want the Liberian people to believe that they are catering to the needs of their constituents.
WHAT IS SO pressing now, in an election year that could not have been handled over the past five years?
WHAT HAS changed so suddenly?
WE FIND Representative Murray’s description of his colleagues’ absence as wisdom on their part to visit their constituents as a nothing but a lot of hot air and comes across as a simple case of a rotten apple trying to convince the world that the bunch is actually a good bunch.
IT IS TIME Liberians to put an end to the madness. The democratic process allows for you to exercise you vote wisely.
IF YOU for any reason feel that those who represent you have not been performing, do the right thing and vote them out. Don’t allow politicians to once again use this period to play on your plight and emotions for a vote with more promises of the same from yesterday.
THIS ELECTION, like all others is about choices. The right one could make all the difference, the wrong one could keep many in the doldrums for years.
THERE IS SIMPLY no room for lawmakers to take any Liberian for a ride much less try to explain away their absence from work on a fine sunny day.