Monday, 25 April 2011

Job Vacancy

Auditor General
Republic of Liberia
Job Vacancy
The Government of Liberia seeks a qualified Liberian of high moral character, superb academic credentials and relevant professional experience to occupy the post of Auditor General and to head the General Auditing Commission (GAC).
The General Auditing Commission was established June 16, 2005 by an Act of the National Legislature which amended Section 53.2 of Chapter 53 of the Executive Law of 1972 which created the General Auditing Office. The new Law gives the GAC Autonomous Status reporting directly to the Legislative Branch of the Government of Liberia. The objective of this Commission is to engender reform, increase transparency, accountability, productivity, efficiency and effectiveness in Government’s financial management system.
Duties and Responsibilities:
The Auditor General shall perform the duties and responsibilities as enshrined in the Act that created the General Auditing Commission. He or she shall be the officer of the Government of Liberia principally responsible for conducting comprehensive post audits, special financial investigations, reconciliation and analyses, and continuous audits on a routine basis. He/She shall:
1.     Once a year perform audits of all Government agencies and government organizations and examine, to the extent he/she deems necessary, all transactions and accounts relating to the receipt, disbursement, and utilization of the public funds;
2.     Perform audits of all property accounts and transactions of all Government agencies and government organizations; such audits shall be conducted as far as practicable at the place or places where the property and records are located and shall include an evaluation of the effectiveness of internal control and other methods of safeguarding the assets of the Government;
3.     Perform audits of withdrawals of money within the responsibility of the Government as stated in the appropriation acts or financial obligations by the order of the Ministry of Finance;
4.     Inspect the books of account of banks and financial institutions to verify the amounts of Government monies, securities, and other assets hypothecated or on deposit, or other required written bank confirmations of Government monies, securities and other assets under control of such banks or financial institutions;
5.     Inspect the books of account of privately owned commercial and manufacturing establishments for the purpose of verifying transactions with Government agencies and Government organizations, requiring outside written confirmations of accounts receivable and employing such other extended audit procedures as are necessary;
6.     Prescribe auditing standards and develop and implement auditing procedures, methods, and techniques appropriate to governmental accounting practices;
7.     Require any Government official or employee or other person to testify under oath as a witness in matters pertaining to financial transactions which involve the use or custody of Government monies or assets.
8.     Ensure best practices, maintain, at all times, a strategic and mission-driven financial management  system;
9.     Provide effective and responsive leadership, direction and vision for the General Auditing Commission.
a.     Minimum 1st degree in Accounting, Management or related discipline from a recognized, accredited University;
b.     A Masters degree, preferably MBA from a recognized, accredited University;
c.      CPA, CA, CFE, CMA or equivalent certification would be an added advantage
A minimum of 10 years of working experience; three of which must have been at the senior management level in public service. Also, candidate must have advanced management training including relevant international exposure and experience.
Other Competency Requirements
·        Give purpose and direction
·        Involve people in building a vision of the future
·        Communicate a compelling vision
·        Initiate change to bring about vision
·        Act with honesty and integrity
·        Display an intelligent awareness of the political environment
·        Assimilate and make sense of complex or conflicting data
·        Give objective advice based on sound analysis
·        See and manage risk and consequences
·        Focus on outcomes
·        Contribute expertly to the General Auditing Commission’s strengths, abilities , experience and judgment
·        Must posses excellent interpersonal relationship skills
·        Must demonstrate ability to act with political neutrality
§  Blend of analytical, observational, organizational, marketing and networking skills in areas including:
§  Strategic management
§  Public administration/public sector management
§  Management of change
§  Leadership and organization development
§  Team building
§  Benchmarking
§  Networking
§  Time management
§  Financial management
§  Performance management
§  Development and technical cooperation
§  Governance
§  Public policy development
§  Public-private partnership
§  Regional integration and globalization
Salary, allowances and other benefits are attractive. Following this professional search, the Auditor General shall be appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate. He/she shall be appointed for a term of office for four years and shall be eligible for reappointment. The Act creating the GAC states the conditions for removal thus: “The Auditor General shall be removed by the President for gross malfeasance in office or for mental or physical disability or incompetence.”
Application packet should include cover letter, resume, three references (two professional, one personal), and a one- to two-page statement on the candidate’s vision for leading the GAC.
Submit application to:
Jafain Consortium, Inc.
89 Ashmun Street
(Opposite Providence Baptist Church)
Post Office Box 41
1000 Monrovia 10 LIBERIA
              Electronic applications are welcomed; however, all applicants are required to submit hard copies. International applicants sending hard copies of application materials are required to use a reliable courier such as DHL or Federal Express.
Deadline for submission is Tuesday, May 31, 2011. Qualified women are encouraged to apply.