Sunday, 24 April 2011

A report from old road

The Editor,
I am a youth of Tokpa Camp Old Road Sinkor, I write you this mail to inform and sensitize the Liberian government and society at large, concerning the youths of our noble country Liberia.

There has been a major increase of crimes and loitering at late hours on the streets of Old Road and its vicinities. gang violence and street fight are becoming constant activities, scenes of young boys under the ages of 16 to 17 smoking banned substances such as marijuana
and illegal tobacco is not a very rare sight.
Young girls are engaged in the sex trade and its becoming a part of society for them. Where are the parents? Where is the government whom we expect to train and empower us for a brighter future. I personally recommend that recreational centers be established or built attract young people from the street life they so married to.
The educational sector is another faulty area. Students wishing to obtain school documents and WAEC certificates don’t have to sit in a class and do a lot of homework, when they could easily take a stroll down education ministry.

The very headquarters of the nations educational sector. This is a very sad story and should be taken with high.
As the saying goes the youth are the future leaders of any nation, how then can the youth
rule this country rule when 76 percent of hundred boys and girls don’t believe in themselves and are slaves to drugs.
Most parents are to blame for such a social problem. We has to fight this epidemic, cracking down on drugs, and raiding businesses under education isn’t going to solve this problem.
The remedy to all of this is simply awareness through the media And counseling for youth’s already involved also radio programs and dramas.
Advising parents on the upbringing of their children. Setting up a hot-line people could call if they are been abused by their parents or guardians. create a child protection agency and enact laws supporting the child rights law in the united states.
Children are very vulnerable, and criminals don’t have a hard time convincing kids or adolescents into joining them in their dubious activities.

Fred Foley
Lil Star
Oldroad Sinkor
Tokpa Camp