Sunday, 3 April 2011


The Editor,
Your piece on and interview with Ambassador Dew Mayson was interesting for what it revealed. This man you are seeking to promote is a big fraud.  In the years he was at Cuttington University College, he was a teaching assistant. It was said then that he was a smart young man with a BA degree from the United States. It was known that he neither had a MA nor a Ph.D degree. Years later, we are being told by Ambassador Mayson himself that he has MA and Ph.D degrees. My question is when did he receive these? I can bet Ambassador Mayson that he never achieved MA and Ph.D degrees in the United States. Let him tell us his thesis for the MA or the subject of his dissertation for the Ph.D. We are here in the United States and can check these out. It is unfortunate that we Liberians continue to lie and deceive others over
our academic achievements. Ambassador Dew Mayson will end like George Manneh Weah lying about credentials only to expose himself later as a fraud. A candidate who lies about his credentials is capable of lying about many other things about himself. So Ambassador Mayson, please help us out here. Where and when did you get MA and Ph.D and what are the subjects of your MA thesis and your Ph.D dissertation? It is not enough to say the University of California.

Gallah  Fallah
College Park,