Friday, 22 April 2011

Veteran Nigerian Actor Dies

Nollywood was thrown into a state of mourning in the early hours of Thursday, as it lost one of its respected actors, Ashley Nwosu to the cold hands of death.

We are sad to announce that beloved Nollywood actor Ashley Nwosu is dead. He passed on at the Yaba Military Hospital, where he had been diagnosed and treated for severe liver problems. His wife sadly announce to the world yesterday afternoon.

He died barely 24 hrs. after falling into a coma on Wednesday.
With his passing away, we lose a great actor who was one of the early veterans of Nollywood, who worked to establish the industry.

Actor Kanayo O. Kanayo and celebrated film director Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen confirmed his death. They described the departed actor as “a gentleman and a seasoned actor, “adding that the industry has lost one of its finest actor.”
“It is very shocking and sad indeed. The industry has not finished mourning the sudden death of the comedian C John, before another death occurred. I’m heartbroken.” lamented Lancelot.
It was confirmed that Ashley was in a critical condition before he finally gave up the ghost.
According to an eye witness, “Ashley could not eat, or walk, and was looking darker than ever. He was being fed from a tube. He gave up the ghost this Morning.”
One of Nollywood’s first generation actors, Ashley Nwosu most often played the role of husband, Dad, Pimp or ‘Sugar Daddy, bringing to bare his sheer excellence and talent on screen.
His presence in Nollywood movies was always a delight, and he starred in many of the most loved Nollywood movies including: Bless My Soul, Tears in My Eyes, Temple of Justice, Wrong Desire, A Better Place, Light in the Tunnel, No More Love, Pains of Womanhood, Endless Night, Between Two Walls, Power Brokers, Foreign Affairs, Gift from the Grave, Lagos Babes and Ghetto Love.
Mrs. Nwosu: We thank you all for your prayers concerning him, but God knows best why it was his time to go. Even though we feel he still had more to give, we thank God for knowing him, and enjoying the gift of his talent.
Ashley Nwosu was an Actor with astute qualifications that inspired a lot of fans to love his work in the entertainment industry. With his passing we are all reminded that death is indeed a wet blanket. May his soul rest in peace.