Tuesday, 5 April 2011


People of File Town Tombe Chiefdom build new school annex and toilet house

A home coming program marking the opening of the newly constructed school annex and a toilet in File Town Tombe Chiefdom, Grand Cape Mount County was held in the town over the weekend.
Mr. Abdullah Pusah is the chairman of the program committee; he told Front Page Africa that the annex and toilet are part of the many development projects they have agreed to carry on in the interest of their town and people.
The town is expected to complete the building of five of the same kind of toilets in the town before the end of 2011.
Says Mr. Pusah: “We were asked by our people to design the home coming program which we did and through that we were able bring our people together and informed them about the important of our own development initiative, as the government is doing her part we must be able to do our part especially for our town and people.”
The chairman of the program mentioned that after they designed the program they were able to attract the attention of their people and they told them that they have put together the little resources they have, to buttress government’s effort in the development of their town which is part of the government Poverty Reduction Strategy program.
 “In the consultation with our people, we try to get their views on the line of the poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) and the development role that government is willing to help us but we have to play our own role that is to carry on our own development programs” Mr. Pusah narrated.
He furthered explained that their home coming program was intended to bring back their people home so that they can fully participate in the development and decision making process of their town and to help carry on good projects that will be in the interest of their town and people.
He said their people were given the go ahead to express their views on what so ever problem they were face with others in the town who ever wrong them and after their expressions they all forgave one another and promised to work together in the interest of their town and people
“We are greatly impressed for the number of people that have attended this program although some of the people that were were invited did, t show up but they send representative and about 250 of the town citizens were present and that showed a sign of togetherness among our people,” the chairman said.
The chairman and citizens of the town extended words of gratitude to Mr. Abraham Paasewe for his kindness and generosity to toward the town and its people.
Mr. Pusah stated that it was through Mr. Paasewe’s help that their town and people were able to come together, put aside their differences and work together adding ‘that togetherness’ has today helped them to begin the process of rebuilding their town.
“Mr. Paasewe contribution to the development of this town is very enormous and we will forever remember him for his kind gesture, this is why today we have given him his flower as a sign of gratitude”.
The town certificated Mr. Paasewe along with a former representative of Grand Cape Mount County Mohammed Kiawu for their numerous contributions toward the development of the town.
The citizens also agreed to build a clinic in the town raising a quarter of a targeted USD 15,000 during the program and many of the citizens and visitors pledged their support toward the building of the clinic.
Mr. Pusah urged his people to take a visit home to associate themselves with the people of the town because according to him nobody owned the town but them all, therefore they must try and be part of the town’s development process.