Wednesday, 4 May 2011


By: Vandalark R. Patricks, contributing writer

Comrades and friends of the intelligential and to you the frustrated members and officials of the Mighty CDC, I greet you all once again in the name of peace, social justice and national reconciliation. Let me state here clearly that it was not strange to me to have heard that George Weah of the CDC has reduced his political status from being a standard bearer to a vice standard under the canopy of political stratification so as to win the 2011 election. This is unbelievable and a total contradiction of the dream of the Mighty CDC.

Why will George Weah surrender the standard bearer ship to some one who has a different political philosophy and ideologies to that of the Mighty CDC? CDC has always boasted that they are the only grass root political party in Liberia and it was based on this philosophy and ideologies that a significant number of Liberians pledged their supports to George Weah during the general and presidential elections in 2005. The reason was very simple. Many Liberians saw Weah as a total representation of the grass rooters; unlike Cllr. Winston Tubman, who has no link with the grass root support based in this country in terms of his political concept and relationship towards the Liberian people and the democratic governance of Liberia. John F. Kennedy, former President of the United States once said and I quote “forgive your enemies but never forget their names”. If Weah is a student of history, then he would not have done what he did. If you forget the name of your enemy, you automatically stand the risk of being harmed again by that very individual. Weah is aware of the frustration of his supporters. Liberians see Weah as a symbol of peace and not necessarily a seasoned politician and it was based upon this conviction that they pledged their support to him during those difficult times in our political struggle especially during the 2005 general and presidential elections.

Gorge Weah, you must understand that you are not the only politician on planet Earth that face a lot of political condemnations or challenges. During the 2005 elections, your supporters stood by you despite you low level of qualification (high school drop out) which was a campaign message against you. You must understand that Liberia does not have a well built political institution like the African National Congress (ANC) wherein the people do what the party says.  In Liberia, people do not want to know about your credentials, what they party says, where you work or what you know. If Liberian electorates find favor in you as a politician, then you just need to relax. They will vote you in office without putting you under a political microscope. Liberians found favor in you but you refused to understand simple thing.

You should learn today in your political career that the voice (electorates) of the people is the voice of God and that you should always listen to them.

It would have been better for you to abstain from the 2011 elections and get yourself better prepared for 2018 than to allow a government-bone and an expected political retiree to lead CDC in the 2011 elections. Are you not aware that CDC is youth oriented political party and that an attempt to bring in a grand father like Winston Tubman to lead the party will be a contradiction of the party’s dream? Look, the God of social justice will not forgive you for betraying the trust and confidence of your fellow Liberians especially the CDCians.

Fellow Liberians especially to those I engaged over the years concerning the candidacy of Weah for the Liberian presidency, let me be very candid to inform you that you were quite right at the time  when you said Weah was not schooled enough to lead Liberia. It has just been realized. I was really frustrated when I heard that a government-bone like Winston Tubman is the new political leader or standard bearer of CDC. What a betrayal of trust and confidence? I see this as an act of incivility and total misrepresentation of the party’s philosophy and ideologies.

Winston Tubman was a member of the Twe-Weig party that kept this country backwards for many years. Members of the Twe-Weig party have lost relevance in this country politically and that is why they have not been able to build any solid political institution since power was taken from them in 1980.

It was based on his corporate and undefined political ideologies and agenda that he was expelled from his party (LINU) some months ago and was later referred to as a GOVERNMENT-BONE (unwanted politician). It is unfortunate for such a man to head a grass root political party whose vision is to transform Liberia from its backwardness to another stage of total development.

We thought CDC would have been an unassailable force in this election but by allowing a government-bone, Winston Tubman, to lead the party will be a complete betrayal of trust and that Weah should not be trusted anymore.