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Our vision is to build what we refer to as "Empowerment Centers." These "Empowerment Centers" will be constructed in underserved and impoverish communities we serve.  We wish to first begin in Liberia then worldwide. We seek to provide a multitude of medical, educational and social services. These services range from the building of medical clinics, constructions of educational facilities to social needs such as food banks, child care, sports and recreation. 
‘For the cause of the people Empowerment is NOW’
The Samuel Kanyon Doe Foundation was founded to enrich the lives and welfare of individuals, families and communities in Liberia and worldwide.  Led by our beliefs in love, peace, justice, equality, unity and EMPOWERMENT.  It is the foundation’s principle belief that by providing individuals with the necessary life skills, knowledge, support and education you EMPOWER them to become self-sustaining members of their society communities.


As children of the Late President of the Republic of Liberia, Dr. Samuel Kanyon Doe, we are proud to announce the creation of The Samuel Kanyon Doe Foundation! Through his loving memory and legacy, we his children developed this foundation.  Our father was a great visionary who achieved so much in his short life.  As a father he was loving, kind, humble and extremely loved by many.  As a man his humble beginnings defined who he was as a person and provided him with much humility and gratitude.  Above all, we as his children thoroughly understand the great love and passion he had for country and its' people.  With this in our hearts and on our minds, the Samuel Kanyon Doe Foundation has been established.

Samuel Kanyon Doe's legacy will forever live on in his wife, children and grandchildren.

SKD’s LEGACY (In Brief)
At the tender age of 29 Samuel Kanyon Doe became the youngest president in the world at that time and the first native President of Liberia since her independence in 1847.
In 1989, our father received the Africa Man of the Year award for his great achievements.

Here are a few of SKD's achievements:
• Broke down ethnic, political, financial and social barriers in Liberia.
• Introduced the first multi party election system in Liberia's history.
•Increased the minimum wage of public sector employees at all level to $200 a month by the early 80s.
•Created affordable education by heavily subsidising local government schools; also, reduced tuition at most boarding institutions by nearly 75% by 1982.
•Historic educational achievement as literacy rate tripled
•Restructured the National Housing and Savings bank, earmarking $5 million for market women and the disadvantaged.
•Created an ambitious agricultural program aimed at reducing dependencies on external sources for Liberia's food supply and creation of the green revolution movement.
•The renovations of roads and highways. Extension of the Ganta  Saclepea-Tappita-Zwedru Highway that cost $56 million dollars
•Constructed Pan African Plaza/ the National Archives Center / National Radio Station / National Sports Stadium / Barracks for members of the National Police Force / Police Headquarters ect.
•Liberian Rural Communications networks headquarters/ Gbarnga Power Station in Bong County

SKD’s BIOGRAPHY (in brief)
Samuel Kanyon Doe was born 6th May 1950 in Tuzon, Grand Gedeh County, Liberia.  Like over 95 percent of his compatriots, Samuel Kanyon Doe was of native, tribal descent and grew up in challenging living conditions. 
At the age of 13, he finally began his education and walked 13 miles to school. Samuel excelled in his studies and skipped several grades before reaching high school. 
To further his education, he moved to Monrovia joined the army where he rose through the ranks whilst completing high school at night.  In January 1979, then a sergeant in the Liberian army, Samuel went through a vigorous training that included, leadership communication, intelligence, basic and advanced unit courses, combat and advanced individual (infantry training). 
He also benefited from military training courses organised under the auspices of the U. S. Special Forces.  As a result of his training and diligence to duty, Private Doe was promoted to the rank of First Sergeant, with the AFL Arsenal.  On October 11, 1979, he was promoted Master Sergeant, further strengthening his responsibility as adjutant of the Third Battalion.
On 12th April 1980, an unknown Master Sergeant led 16 men at arms, seized the presidential palace in Monrovia in a courageous revolution, after a century of social and political exclusion of the indigenous population in Liberia.  Unfortunately President Tolbert was killed and 13 senior Ministers were later executed.  Before the April 12 1980 revolution, scores of educated natives were held in prison awaiting death and at least 70 people were killed in the rice riots.

Americo-Liberian rule (1847 - 1990)
The settlers constituted less than five percent of Liberia's population.  In 1878 the Americo-Liberians organised their political power in the True Whig Party, which permitted no organised political opposition.   
New Dawn (1980 -1990)
The SKD's administration inherited approx $700 million dollars debt, the public corporation jointly owed $80 million to foreign financial institutions and the Government of Liberia owed the National Bank over $20 million and only $5 million dollars in the treasury from the previous government.  Nonetheless SKD persevered and introduced changes that positively rehabilitated Liberia's shattered economy.   Income was redistributed and the introduction of social reforms placed Liberia on the road to Democracy. 

The Orchestrated war (1989 - 2003)
In Dec 1989, rebels were created and supported by those opposed to the Doe's Administration.  Tragically the devastating war caused the death of approximately 250,000 hundred thousands innocent civilians.

The Setup (Sept 9th 1990)
In an effort to attain peace, Samuel Kanyon Doe arranged a secret one to one meeting with ECOWAS to transfer power.   Unfortunately President Doe was captured at the meeting and later killed by rebel forces. 

Support us to achieve the vision of the SKD Foundation, which is to enrich the lives and welfare of individuals, families and communities in Liberia and worldwide.
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