Wednesday, 4 May 2011

“I Killed Her For Disrespect”

 Alleged Sister-killer Narrates How He Hacked Her to Death and Her Subsequent Burial in a Swamp

Sitting square-faced and staring about remorselessly on the prisoners’ bench at the Monrovia City Court at the Temple of Justice on Tuesday, 18- yr old Preston Prince Myers bravely explained that he gruesomely killed his sister for disrespecting him.
The accused was charged with murder and arson after being investigated by the Liberia National Police (LNP) for allegedly killing his 12-year-old sister, Precious Myers with a shovel and later buried her in a swamp in Dixville, outside Monrovia. The incident occurred on Wednesday, April 27, 2010, Police said.
Detailed inquiries by the police as contained in a charge sheet submitted to the court, copy of which was obtained by FrontPage Africa revealed that on April 27, defendant Preston Prince Myers and his little brother, Debester as well as the victim were at their parents’ residence in Dixville Township during the afternoon hours of that fateful Wednesday.
Bravely explaining and commenting on the allegation levied against him, Myers revealed that his father adopted the child, but she was always in a habit of leaving classes during school hours and coming home to monitor his activities at their parents’ home.
On that fateful day of her cold-blooded murder, the defendant told the police, that Precious, his sister, left the campus again and came home. When he asked her why she returned home before the school’s dismissal time, she began to argue and rain profanity on him, which angered and prompted him to kill her with the shovel.
He further explained investigators that he and Precious got in a heated argument for leaving his little brother at the school campus and returning without him. While the argument was ongoing, defendant Myers told the police that he sent the little boy to buy palm oil.
“Precious kept arguing with me, so I slapped her and she ran into the room. I then ran after her into the room, where I continued beating her. She started shouting with the name of oldma, Ma Elizabeth to come to her rescue, but the oldma did not come. I was misled by my anger and then took the shovel from the corner of the room and struck her twice on the neck. She went unconscious and started bleeding from her throat,” Myers coldly told the Police.
The suspect also explained to the Police that after striking his sister with the shovel twice on the neck, her tongue protruded out of her mouth, and he became very afraid, believing his sister was dying.
“I hurriedly took her body to a nearby swamp and buried her. Later, I returned home and quickly changed my clothes soaked with blood and washed my body,” suspect Myers bravely told the police.
According to the Police, defendant Myers confirmed that Ma Elizabeth who had earlier been called by the victim came later and inquired what had transpired between them, but he told her that both of them had an argument and that she was beaten.
Police noted that when Ma Elizabeth asked about the victim’s whereabouts, Myers lied that his sister had followed the little brother to buy the oil.
When the lady entered the house and discovered the blood, according to the police, Myers said he was bitten by a snake, which was killed and thrown into the bush.
“Defendant Myers, with criminal motive to destroy all evidence and abscond the crime scene, searched his mother’s bedroom, where he found a bag containing L$4, 700 and some lappers belonging to his mother and other personal belongings and subsequently set the house ablaze and left the vicinity by way of Barnesville,” the charge sheet stated.