Wednesday, 11 May 2011

“We Were Not Speeding”

Victims Of Tragic Motor Accident Reacts To FPA news story….
By Stephen D. Kollie,
Two ladies who were badly victimized in a tragic motor accident have indicated that their vehicle was not excessively speeding as reported by the FrontPageAfrica May 9, 2011 edition.
 The accident, which left both vehicles badly damaged beyond repair occurred last Saturday night, around the Tubman Boulevard.
In an interview granted FrontPageAfrica Monday on their hospital beds at the trauma unit of the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital, one of the victims clarified that she was driving close to forty miles per hour (MPH) due to the wet condition the road was in.
Love Jones explained that she and Victoria Flomo were both coming from the Paynesville area when they were sharply intercepted by the Nissan Patrol, causing their vehicle to immediately somersault.
Both ladies sustained injuries ranging from broken arm to a deep cut in the leg due to the collision of that fateful Saturday night.
The driver of the Nissan Patrol jeep reportedly escaped the scene immediately after the incident.
With this fatal accident occurring in the heart of the city coupled with a recent accident which took the life of Cllr. Wonasue of the central Bank of Liberia due to Police negligence, citizens are beginning to wonder when will appropriate safety measures be put in place to curb these deadly occurrences.