Friday, 6 May 2011


AFL Female drivers on the move, What a man can do, a woman can do even better……..

By: Mae Azango/staff writer

Standing proudly in front of a heavy duty army truck, proud women of the new Armed Forces were very happy to be moving a heavy duty truck usually driven by men.
The women were all part of the training exercise last week at the old Camp Jackson military barracks in Bellehfani Bong County. During the training exercise, it was observed that the female drivers sleep in their trucks at night because they believe that if anything should happen and they are far away from their trucks, it would be difficult to get to the trucks, unlike when they are inside the trucks. 
Private first class, Caroline Doe says driving a truck is a tedious task.  “We cover long distances if the mission cover that distance, but the AFL taught me how to manage and take care of a truck well. “
Test in jungle
Explaining some of their experiences and difficulties when driving a truck on a bad and muddy road, Doe says they usually engage the four-wheel drive to get them through. 
“I can remember the last time when we went to repair a bridge, the female drivers drove from EBK military Barack outside of Monrovia to Sinoe County in the Southeast. We had a recent test when the road we traveled, had heavy mud due to a heavy rainfall. We all were wondering how to cross the mud and we were also carrying men in the trucks on a mission. We had the confidence, so we engaged the four wheel and put our trucks in number two, and climbed the hill and through the mud.” 
The 34 year-old female officer and a mother of two said she learnt to drive a truck in the army three years ago and she is very proud to be driving a truck.
 “I feel very good about the new Army, because when the females are driving the trucks, people who come around are amazed to see women operating a heavy truck, because normally we take the lead.  We are about seven women driving these trucks and we also drive fuel tankers and Ambulance.”  
More women needed                         
The other women in the back ground said they feel very good and proud leading a convoy of Army vehicles with men in the back of the trucks. “Long ago, only men used to drive these trucks, but now we the women in the army are taking the lead to carry the men places and not the other way around.”
Private Sumo, holding an RPG says AK 47 is very small for her, so she only deals with RPG. “AK 47 is too local for me, so I leave it with the men, because I can even do it better than any of them.”
Private First Class Doe took the time to encourage her friends to join the new Army and drive trucks because they are few doing this job so they need more women to join them.
 “I would like to tell my friends out there to join the new army during the recruitment. We pray you all should come in the numbers to join us on the field.”