Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Backing Fromayan

Student Union Wants Weah, Others Focus On Mobilization Than Attacking
Nat Bayjay, nat.bayjay@frontpageafricaonline.com (231-77-402737)

‘Rather than attacking the head of the National Elections Commission (NEC) and crying foul, opposition figures should divert such energy to mobilize their supporters nationwide that will ensure their election or re-election,’ warns the University of Liberia Student Union (ULSU).

“ULSU’s focus has been attracted to recent move by some opposition political parties participating on the National political landscape to dub the National Electoral body-NEC as a partisan body and thus incapable of refereeing the ensuing 2011 elections”, states a release coming from the campus-based student group.
The student group’s concern comes in the wake of what have now become sustained attacks and condemnation coming mainly from opposition figures and some civil actors on the head of the NEC, James Fromayan.

Since he assumed the Chairmanship of the electoral body in 2006 following the exit of now head of the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) former Chairman Frances Johnson-Morris, Fromayan continues to be accused of having a close tie with the incumbent and that the elections under him will not be transparent. His appointment to the Chairmanship came two years following his appointment as a co-chairman where he supervised the general administration of the Commission and assumed leadership role in the absence of the then Chairman.

ULSU calls particularly on the political leader of the Congress for democratic Change (CDC) Amb. George Weah and all other political Parties to busy themselves on preparing for the elections slated in about seven months rather than making statements that could lead to undermining the integrity of the electoral body. It believes that this could reduce public confidence in the institution which could as well set the stage for a “very chaotic pre and post elections atmosphere.”
ULSU believes that comments emanating from Amb. George Weah espousing that Chairman Fromayan has “worked” for President Sirleaf before and as such incapable of superintending an impartial election is “incredibly ludicrous and does not have a single grain of truth in it.”
Counting successes under Fromayan’s belt, ULSU said: “However, if this comment is anything to go by the nine different Legislative by-elections conducted under the stewardship of Commissioner Fromayan would not have ended up in such fashion and form with opposition political Parties winning four out of nine including the most decisive one in Montserrado County with Madame Geraldine Doe-Sheriff of the CDC winning the Senate Seat.”
The university students through its Union said another classic example worth bringing to the attention of Liberians is the fact that the Commissioner could not have even influenced in the slightest of manner the River Gee County By-Elections when his best friend Commany Wesseh who he has known for over 30 years contested against and was defeated by the now senator Nathaniel Williams and many others.
Looking at relations within the Commission, ULSU said: “If the relations card was to be an influencing factor in these elections which is not the case by all stretch of imagination, it would have best played for Amb. Weah who is a blood cousin to Commissioner Elizabeth B. Nelson which he has not hidden both in public and private.”
The under-fire NEC boss himself continues to defend himself against the allegations. In a recent FPA interview, he said he is not deterred by them. Says Fromayan: “The point to underscore here is that there is no way anybody here can help another person here out there who’s in the race.”