Wednesday, 6 April 2011


GAAP concludes an awareness workshop aimed at combating the pandemic. 

The Global Assistance for All People (GAAP), a local non-governmental
organization, on March 25 concluded a three-day workshop on the prevention of the deadly HIV/AIDS virus in the Borough of New Kru Town.

The workshop brought together 60 participants from the community leadership, offices of the governor of NKT and commissioner of the township of West Point and representatives from the Redemption Hospital, Clara Town Clinic and MedLink Clinic among other.

Madam Kpannah Watson and Lawrence Myers, trained in HIV/AIDS prevention in Uganda, facilitated the three-day session. 

With a contract from the National AIDS & STI Control Program (NACP) of the Ministry of Health and the global fund of the United Nations, GAAP is tasked to disseminate HIV/AIDS prevention messages as well as awareness; distribute condoms, posters and other HIV/AIDS materials and hire the services of cultural troops to carry out drama presentation on HIV/AIDS.

GAAP is also tasked to conduct workshops for community leaders, members, local government authority and representatives from various health facilities within GAAP control areas; train community members as peer educators; conduct training for religious leaders on HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention as well as stigmatization and carry out outreach activities within the control areas of GAAP.

The workshop was held under the theme ‘mobilizing local decision makers to support to people living with HIV/AIDS’.