Sunday, 3 April 2011

Morlu Was Not Sacked!

Morlu Wasn't Sacked!

The Editor
I had be followed closely for the past almost two (2) weeks the debate about the reappointment of John S. Morlu, II as Auditor General of the Republic of Liberia for the second term. The exchanges had been quite interesting but for the most part, they had been characterized by a lot of sentiments and distortion of facts. Whatever the motives had been, I believe strongly that the characters involve - Morlu and President Sirleaf must be treated with high degree of civility as they are our national leaders.
For the past almost four (4) years John Morlu's as Auditor General of Liberia had done significantly well with the fight against corruption and assuring financial probity in Liberia. His achievements in this position cannot be overemphasized even the President acknowledges that.  She may not have agreed with his strategies and tactics in combating corruption but she believes he had done a great job for Liberia as was indicated in her recent pronouncement:
“We did not always agree with the way Mr. Morlu performed his job, including an indictment that our Government was three times more corrupt than its predecessors, even before he officially commissioned his very first audit. However, we continued to support him and want to sincerely thank him for his immense contributions to our fight against corruption. Our disagreements over his mode of operation have never negated the fact that he has established a foundation that his successors can build upon in the fight against corruption.”
The main point I would like to address here is the perception that John Morlu was sacked from the post of Auditor General. I have and continue to receive numerous phone calls from Liberia, Europe and USA with people asking me why the President fired the Auditor General. What is shocking to me is that even people who are presumed educated are amongst those who are asking such questions.
Madam Sirleaf also stated:
 “I will not be re-nominating him for the post of Auditor-General of the Republic of Liberia”. 
Does this statement indicate that Morlu was fired? Reappointment does not in any form means dismissal, firing or sacking as it is being implied by most Liberians, especially those who had been debating this issue for the past few days. The Auditor General was recruited and nominated by the President in January 2007, confirmed by the Liberian Senate in February 2007 and assumed the position in March 2007 on a contractual basis.
Sacking could have been the right word if there were time left on his contract and the President removes him from the job but in this case the President did not have the power to violate the contract. Judging from the President's statement, citing comments made by Morlu more four years ago, if she had the power to fire him, she could have done it since four years ago. Therefore, agree with me that he was not fired as the president kept the statement he made four years ago, only to refuse to re-nominate him now.
He diligently served his term and it is near completion. If Liberians cannot praise this young man whose contributions to the development of our dear country in the form of robustly fighting corruption will forever remain an indelible print in the pages of history, let us save him the dignity of leaving the post with honor and respect and not to tear him down as I witnessed in recent time. Remember, misinformation is also a human right abuse. Let the word go forth that John S. Morlu, II.  Auditor General of the Republic of Liberia was not sacked. His contract is only ending……………

Niasehkar Gluaseay, Jr.
University of Nairobi
Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa,