Saturday, 30 April 2011


 A sealed bag of prosperity mineral water in possession of FPA contains a lot of dirt. Are they supplying dirty drinking water to the Liberian people with no regard for the healthy wellbeing of Liberians?

Jetee J. Tarr (intern Reporter) 05479629

The Prosperity Mineral Water Company situated in the Old Road community, behind the former Grass-root cinema in Divine Town, has declined in its quality of water production without the observation of Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.
A faded looking and contaminated water was bought a few days ago by a thirsty Alexander Nimley.  “I bought the water on Tuesday from where they buy wholesale and sell retail ….I bought four bags for me and my friends and we divided it. Out of a sudden, my friends did not check and they drank,  and I was about to drink mine when one of my friends stopped me and told me to look in the water bag and see what was in it. When I looked through the plastic, I saw pieces of blue plastics,” Nimley says.
Prosperity Mineral Water, the Company which produces the water has been facing some deficit regarding the bagging of water plastics and with many speculations on the water production coupled with a decline in the quality of water produced by the company.
After the awareness of the water being dirty two employees of the company attributed the cause of having contaminated water on the market to “factory fault”, indicating that the plastics were turned inside-out during the bagging process.
Continued Nimley: “What is most reckless to note is the fact that after the company discovered that the polluted water containing hazardous chemicals were bagged with plastics turned inside-out, they consciously, with no regards to the healthful wellbeing of the Liberian populace, sold the water to the public.”
 With these occurrences which usually cause health problems for consumers, it is fair wonder if the Ministry of Health ever inspects the facilities of these companies noted an observer.
Says a bystander who was around when the bag of dirty water was discovered:  “According to many people who usually buy such water, they consider every brand of water sold on the Liberian market as the same, especially with the same quality. They furthered that whenever they purchase a bag of mineral water, their attention is not carefully drawn to its content before drinking, all because of thirst and sincere trust in the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, which approves these companies to operate in the country.” 
Some sales -gents say they have come face-to-face with such a problem, which is often due to the scarcity of water on the market due to the shortage of plastics faced by these companies.
With these poor managerial skills leading to the selling of contaminated water to the Liberian populace as well as foreigners, an observer is left to wonder “what is the Ministry of Health doing to tackle these deliberate recklessness on the part of mineral water companies in Liberia.