Wednesday, 4 May 2011


April 30, 2011
Dear Presidential Aspirants:
If one does not stand for something, he/she must fall for anything.
It is befitting for each of you opting for the presidency of the 2012 Government to know from this point that we, the people of the Republic of Liberia, will be continuing with the 1986 Government; that is, the 1986 Constitution is going to now be (again) the sole supreme and fundamental law of the Republic of Liberia, and therefore, unabated. Note that the level of constitutional ignorance among Liberians in 1986 is not going to be the same in 2012.
Let me draw your attention to what the 1986 Constitution says in Article 1:
All power is inherent in the people. All free governments are instituted by their authority and for their benefit and hey have the right to alter and reform the same when their safety and happiness so required”
The 2012 Government, (instituted by the authority of us, the people of Liberia, and (as such) for our benefit), will fall short of nothing less than to ensure “safety” and “happiness” of us, the governed.  Know for sure that, we, the governed, will demand the detail of the 1986 Constitution to be observed.
The “Safety” and “Happiness” of every Liberian will be the source of authority; and as such, must clam the most attentive urgency of each aspirant. It is going to be “our power” in exchange for our “safety” and “happiness”.
If and when the 2012 Government does not ensure the “Safety” and “Happiness” of us, the governed, our reserved constitutional right to alter and reform said government will be the option deployed. The Constitution says (in Article1).
“In order to ensure democratic government which responds to the wishes of the governed, the people shall have right at such period… to cause their public servants to leave office…”
“To cause their public servants to leave office” is open to all of the options that will ensure a non-democratic government, which will not respond to the wishes of us, the governed, (to cause such “public servants of the 2012 Government”) to leave office.
It is important for you to observe what the 1986 Constitution says in Article 34:
The Legislature shall be having the power…. to provide for the security of the Republic, to provide for the common defense, to raise and support the Armed Forces of the Republic … and to  make rules for the governance  of the Armed Forces of the Republic…”
The Armed Forces of the Republic of Liberia will not be used as personal body-guide for any president so as to not send the army to beat us up when we make demands for our “safety” and “happiness”.
The 53 Legislature will not “statute” this authority to the executive; and if it has already been statute, it will be repelled.
No president, as of the 2012 Government, will be some kind of “demigod” hence forth in this Republic of Liberia (in Jesus Name). No president will live above the law and to be extra constitutional in governance.
We, the citizens (the governed) will take upon our selves to learn the principles and provisions of this Constitution.
Though Article 10 says, “The Republic” (The government of the day) “shall ensure the publication and dissemination of this constitution throughout the Republic and the teaching of its principles and provisions in all institutions of learning in Liberia”, but yet, since the Second Republic in 1986, which government has undertaken this constitutional duty? Why?
Simply to be corrupt and with impunity, the three governments and several interim governments have chosen to provide conditions where their actions will not attract considerable public attention to provide widespread demand for change. Therefore, we are being kept ignorant of the principles and provisions of the constitution. The time for “hide and seek” is over forever- (in Jesus Name).
This is an open challenge to the aspirants to begin intense study and to fully understand the 1986 Constitution. There will be no constitutional aberration encouraged in the Republic of Liberia any more, in Jesus Name.
We, the governed, will not compromise our “safety” and “happiness” for any reason.
Thank you for your aspirations and wish you the best. No cheating.
Respectfully yours,

Augustus Daikai Jones