Saturday, 30 April 2011

“National Metrological Agency (NMA),” A Proposal

To Regulate Sea, Land and Air Traffic; Weather Forecast & Agro-Environmental Information….

It has been three decades since Liberia’s civil war destroyed the Air Traffic Unit and Radio rooms at most if not all of its air and seaports. Since then, Liberia has heavily relied on foreign support to revamp these areas of strategic importance.

But the UN Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) has been an immense service provider since 2003, yet with its gradual drawdown, it’s compelling for Liberia to start self-improvising.

The Ministry of Transport has unveiled a Proposed Act aimed at establishing a National Metrological Agency. The act was recently unveiled in a meeting with the ministry’s partners and stakeholders.

The act, which has been forwarded to the Legislature for passage into law aims at managing information at a broader scale once ratified.

The act is also intended to be used for Agricultural purposes to ensure food security in Liberia.

Deputy Transport Minister for Administration Ebenezer Kolliegbo stated that the agency will provide public safety information that would serve as an early warning against natural disasters.

“Regarding Disasters Such as Hurricanes, Tsunamis (tidal wave) and Earthquakes among others, the public will be kept abreast of them.”

He said such information was necessary in the midst of the world being more global than before and one cannot what’s happening in other countries will never happen in Liberia.

Anyaa voitiri, Executive Director of the Environmental protection Agency (EPA) and host of the workshop, reemphasized the importance of the NMA to every aspect of human life.

She cited the distribution of other essential information, ranging from climate to weather among others.

The workshop was attended by several representatives including the President of University of Liberia, Emmett Dennis, the Ministers of Agriculture, Planning & Economic Affairs, Internal Affairs as well as the Deputy Minister of Transport.

 Writes Tom B. Nyenur 06-695-965